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Corn and Callus Treatment

At Fall Creek Foot & Ankle, we understand that your feet are the foundation of your daily life. Corns and calluses can be painful and inconvenient, affecting your mobility and overall well-being. Our dedicated team of podiatrists is here to provide personalized care and treatment for your corns and calluses, helping you walk with ease and confidence.

Corns and calluses are thickened, hardened layers of skin that form as a result of friction or pressure on the feet. While they may share similarities, they differ in size, shape, and location. Corns are typically smaller, round, and have a hard center, whereas calluses are larger, flat, and have a more even thickness. Both conditions can cause discomfort, but with proper treatment and care, they can be effectively managed.

Causes of Corn and Calluses:

Corns and calluses develop due to various factors, including:



At Fall Creek Foot & Ankle, our podiatrists will carefully examine your feet and evaluate your symptoms to diagnose corns and calluses. In addition to a physical examination, we may also ask about your medical history, footwear, and daily activities to identify any contributing factors.


Our personalized treatment plans for corns and calluses may include:


To prevent the recurrence of corns and calluses, consider the following tips:

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